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How is your life- Today?
The light at the end of the tunnel - Portal EmptyWed 02 Nov 2016, 8:15 am by nannamom
Good morning,
It has been a long time since seeing anyone posting on the forum, myself included.
As I sit here this morning, I am thinking about all of you and wondering how you are. Are you still taking Suboxone? Have any of you stopped taking Suboxone?
For those of you who have stopped taking Suboxone, did you taper? Stop without notice or ?
How is your life now?

For those of you still …

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Husbands outlook on Suboxone in my future
The light at the end of the tunnel - Portal EmptyWed 27 Mar 2013, 1:54 am by pitbullmomma34
I understand first off where he is coming from to a point, but I think where he is misunderstanding this treatment might hold me back on being successful. The other night he asked me how many strips I had left as he normally does because I got 14 strips on the 15th which at one a day would have taken me to this Friday, well some days my dose goes a little higher and I ran out yesterday.
I have …

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What has been up with me for the past month
The light at the end of the tunnel - Portal EmptyMon 13 Jan 2014, 10:28 pm by pitbullmomma34
Well it has been a mess for the past month with everything but my husband and my Suboxone. You would ask what is left and here it is, as compact as I can tell you.
Basically, my husband got fired the first of December about two weeks from getting his benefits along with 14 other people who were also getting their benefits. That night when he came home we got everything signed up and ready to …

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New to the Forum but doing pretty well so far
The light at the end of the tunnel - Portal EmptyMon 23 Sep 2013, 6:13 pm by IrishMist
I am new to this forum but since I have been reading and taking to heart a lot of what has been posted here, I thought it only right that I share my experience in the hopes it will give someone else some relief.

I started Suboxone about two years ago to get off of painkillers and also to manage chronic pain. My psychiatrist prescribed it for me. When my psychiatrist went off my insurance plan, I …

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update and doing great!!!!!
The light at the end of the tunnel - Portal EmptyThu 05 Sep 2013, 2:29 pm by ircavnar666
hi everyone im back. finally have internet again. the move went good. daughter is in new school and shes enjoying it. im still on half a strip but decided to finally go down to a quarter. either tomorrow or on sunday which is my birthday. new age new start i thought. went to dr today and he says hes proud of me and im doing better than most people. which made me feel excellent. since we moved ive …

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Update on Suboxone tapering and other stuff!!! AWESOME NEWS!!!
The light at the end of the tunnel - Portal EmptyTue 28 May 2013, 4:31 pm by pitbullmomma34
Well, I like always am scared about going to the doctor. I cant help it, its just part of my genetic makeup. UA went excellent as always. I didn't have to set and wait too long, there wasn't too many in there. I did go infront of someone because there was another April in the office. Doc asked me how everything was going other than the mishap with the dog and the normal family crap, things are …

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where to go from here?
The light at the end of the tunnel - Portal EmptyThu 06 Jun 2013, 12:35 pm by ircavnar666
hello everyone. my name is Randi im 23 and ive been on suboxone for almost 14 months. i started taking pills when i was 13. whether it was norcos somas or even methadone some times i took it.i did that on and off until i had my kids then i stopped or tried to. i got really bad 2 yrs ago after my son was born. i have horrible mouth problems and it was unbearable. sometimes i took 10 norcos a day …

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Still having family problems with getting any type of support
The light at the end of the tunnel - Portal EmptyTue 21 May 2013, 6:55 am by pitbullmomma34
I know that it shouldnt bother me like it does, but standing in the bathroom this morning fixing my hair (yes I get ideas in the weirdest of places) it came to me how much my mother and the rest of my family pretty much doesnt care about my health and well being. I didnt tell you guys what happened here well before the dog attack. My husband came down with bronchitis and he had to be taken to the …

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Swelling in legs and feet
The light at the end of the tunnel - Portal EmptyFri 17 May 2013, 6:48 am by pitbullmomma34
Hey gals and guys, a question to the ones who are still on Suboxone right now. Does anyone have a problem with excessive swelling? My BP is staying normal, mine actually is low but that is normal for me. I notice that now after being on the medicine especially here over the past couple of months, I am getting what I like to call tree trunk syndrome. My legs are swelling and look like tree trunks. …

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