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 How are all of you?

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How are all of you? Empty
PostSubject: How are all of you?   How are all of you? EmptySat 09 May 2015, 4:47 pm

Look at this. It's May, 2015. Such a long time since any of us have posted in the forum.
I came here today to activate a new member and noticed a post from January that hadn't been responded to as of yet.
How could I have let that happen? I remember a time that something like that would never have escaped my eye.

We started in September 2008- I remember it like it was yesterday. We've come a very long way in addiction treatment since then. More medications and same restrictions.
Generic medications are finally available which is good for so many people.
Blue, Marie, Livelovelaugh, pittbullmomma and so many others. How are you all doing?

I'd love to hear something from you.
I'm doing well. Last I wrote I believe I was working in hospitality but no more. I left in February and now work from home as a virtual assistant. I actually love it. Work my own hours and choose my own jobs. Lots of flexibility.

Blue, it is almost your vacation time, where will you be this year? Can't wait to hear about it.
Marie, how are things going?
I miss all of you.
Let's talk,
Much love,


"I will let yesterday end so that today can begin."
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Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes

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How are all of you? Empty
PostSubject: Re: How are all of you?   How are all of you? EmptyMon 11 May 2015, 7:32 pm

Hello all !
I also, don't know how I miss notifications. For some reason, I don't get flagged that I have a new email until I actually log on.
It's so good to hear from you Dee. I truly miss our chats ! The same goes for those that you listed. I often wonder how you all are !
Yes, vacation soon ! We are going to California in July.   
 I'm so glad that you love your job ! I wish I could say that.  I would love to talk more with you about that. And of course our treatment. My doctor retired a year ago (already) and I'm just going through my stash until I run out.
YES, lets talk !!!!

Join us for live chat every Tuesday night at 7:30pm EST !!!

NEVER take any online advice over that of a qualified healthcare provider.
Any information you read here should only serve to inspire you to investigate further with credible, verifiable referenced sources or your doctor.
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How are all of you? Empty
PostSubject: Re: How are all of you?   How are all of you? EmptyTue 16 Jun 2015, 10:24 am

i know it has been a very long time but i have some fascinating news. today i am celebrating my first year sober!!! i thought i was happy on suboxone but i realized i wasnt. since i was only taking quarter of a strip every other day it was easy for me to stop. so after being on suboxone for 2 years 2 months and 5 days i said no more. look at me now a year later. bonus i also gave up cigarettes and have only had 2 this entire year. thank you to everyone who read my stories and gave me advice. it means more than you will ever know. i will try to stop by but for now im loving life.
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How are all of you? Empty
PostSubject: Re: How are all of you?   How are all of you? Empty

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How are all of you?
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